I am divinity defined
I am the god on the inside
I am a star
A piece of it all
I am light


Just beyond

During Abigael’s senior photos, in which I played the very important role of “stuff carrier” and “runner to the car for other stuff” and “oooooer and “ahhhhhhher”, Tina grabbed this shot as I was running back from the car with a very important thing, I’m sure. I loved seeing this picture then. I thought itContinue reading “Just beyond”

One year ago

One year ago (before this blog existed) horror stricken from trauma and mired in the depths of my grief, I wrote the entry below on Facebook. One year ago, the air was charged with social and political unrest and neighbors were hurling hateful words across keyboards and screens towards each other. People were uncertain andContinue reading “One year ago”


One of Abigael’s best friends made and posted this video a couple of days ago, on July 22—one year from the date when, on a normal summer evening, Abigael entered the Willamette River and did not re-emerge. I love the moments captured on the video—these pieces of her. They are not posed moments in timeContinue reading “Pieces”