The gift that keeps giving

I survived a year that should have broken me.

I am forever shaped by the tragedies of 2020. I am changed by the staggering amount of pain and anguish that I was forced to confront head-on.

I have been transformed by not having to face any of it alone. The force of love behind my family this year is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It is so, so beautiful.

I have been given such a gift of relationships. Relationships with unlikely friends who have stepped into the void to hold me up or let me crumble or let me just be ME. Relationships with family took that word and put it into action. Relationships with Abigael’s inner circle, who let me continue to know her. Relationships with a community that I feel so embraced by. My loves—my husband and my children—my vision of their intrinsic value will never be blurred again by the chaos of the mundane.

And now I am beginning a year that Abigael is not in this world. I will not make any memories with my daughter this year.


That realization sucks. It hurts. And it’s not happy or good or merry or bright.

But I know I will survive it. There is no easy way through this season of firsts. But I know I will not be forced to bear it alone.

I continue to learn and grow from being Abby’s mom. Now I know that life is hard and screwed up and terrifying and painful. But now I know I am loved so much that others are willing to try, in any way possible, to bear some of my burden for me. I know that love is the only force stronger than death. I will never stop loving and missing and lamenting Abigael’s physical presence.

But, I feel like she gave me this gift. This gift of a quilt of love that is continually wrapped tight around me, made of the fabric of those in my life that she led to me in my darkest hour. And when it starts to slip down, and I sit shivering, somehow that quilt gets settled around me again.

I will not squander this gift from her. It’s all I have left. The love. The light.

And maybe, that’s all we really have. We have no control over our circumstances. Really, all we have are the people, the relationships that we cling to. We all embark on strange, new, often frightening journeys. Maybe what is defining about those journeys are who we took them with.


  1. Karin says:

    I’ve continued to hold you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you moments of peace as you walk through this year. Moments when you continue to feel the presence of others carrying you when there are hard days. Moments when we can once again come together to share, live, love, support, encourage and just “be” present with each other. Sending you big hugs

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    1. NJN says:

      You are continually in my thoughts prayers.

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  2. Karen stoops says:

    Happy New Year Tressa.

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  3. Kim McKenrick Cufg says:

    Tressa you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are an amazing lady and so very strong even though you want to just sit and cry. Abigail watches over you and the family from above. Her beautiful face and eyes and spirit surely has brightened heaven. She knows how much she is loved and has wonderful memories for all the things she achieved and believed in while on this earth. I wish you hope and faith this new year and Abby knows how you feel for she watches over you all. Good bless. Hugs and prayers. Warmly, Kim mckenrick Cuff

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  4. Zach Wooten says:

    Never alone ♥️

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  5. Tracy says:

    Quilt of love is a beautiful description Tressa and the feel of losing it shivering and being covered it again. Praying we the pieces of the quilt love you well with the love God gives. Thanks for sharing and writing

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